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Editorial: Gateway Drugs

Pueblo has been mislead what’s causing its higher than average teenage drug use. It’s not the drug you think that’s the gateway for addicts.

Gateway Drug

Gateway Drug

By John Rodriquez, Publisher of Pulp Magazine

Gateway drugs, the kind being sold right now in a drug deal in Pueblo’s Eastside. They are being put inside a car, outside a gas station in Trinidad. They are being sold freely in shopping centers all across Southern Colorado. The Governor of Colorado has dealt in the consumption of gateway drugs. They are being sold without law enforcement noticing on Pueblo’s Historic Arkansas Riverwalk. And the sales of gateway drugs are being used to fund things like Pueblo Crime Stoppers.

Normally no one cares about illicit drug use until the problem spills into violence, gangs and crime. And that’s where Southern Colorado is — it’s in the middle of a gateway drug war where everyone thinks if you do one drug you will then do another drug. Why is this jump in logic so important to understand yet so dangerous?

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